Suit Offerings

DON ALFO's Men's Emporium brings the magic of Italian tailoring straight to your doorstep.

Personally sourced and selected materials, timelessly elegant styles and handmade by a third-generation Italian Tailor is a glimpse into the Don Alfo Collections.

We understand the modern gentleman has different needs for different suit wear. At Don Alfo, our Luxury suit offerings aim to fulfill the needs of every client. Thus, we have created 3 suit offerings for every collection.

Stocking sizing

We hold a limited stock for the standard size 46 to 56 (Italian sizes) in every suit collection. Allowing for a simple order and delivery service to customers around the globe. Simply choose your Don Alfo suit, size and colour and wait for delivery, from Italy to your doorstep.


The modern gentleman justly enjoys the slim fitting tailored suit to look like a billion bucks at the workplace or event. Don Alfo has introduced the Tailored option to fulfill this need. Simply choose your favorite suit/suits and select the Tailored option under sizing. After checkout you will receive an email with the sizes required, reply them and then you are all set.
As a stock sized suit will be tailored in for your measurements only seven measurements are required: Chest; Shoulders; arms; jackets waist; outer leg length; crouch and pants waist(hips).


A bespoke suit regal attire for the modern day gentleman. In a world where suits are common,  a bespoke suit ensures an elagance to stand out and for respect to be commanded.

Due to the nature of a bespoke piece, it is priced according to fabric used, and therefore a quote will be given upon receipt of measurements. Under sizing options there is a bespoke option without an amount, click on that and we'll be in touch. We have provided on the bespoke page a measurement diagram for the information we need to handcraft your custom suit. You may contact us on to request further information or assistance. 

Are you in Johannesburg, South Africa? If so, we are proud to offer a tailor-to-your-door service. Simply contact us and  one of our representatives will visit you with swatch samples and/or suit samples and take your measurements.

Now, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your luxury items to arrive.