Don Alfo - The Made In Italy Process

There are two factories that were chosen for the creation of Don Alfo shoes. 

Both with their history and expertise. The one was chosen to produce Don Alfo loafers and the other Don Alfo sneakers. 


When one thinks of Made In Italy, they think of the Le Marche region of Italy.

In fact, 80% of all footwear made in Italy come from the region. With most of the luxury Italian brands manufacturing in the region, it has international trust for Italian traditional artisanal methods in craftsmanship.

On my journey through the hills and highways of Italy in search of the perfect shoe factories, Le Marche was an obvious stop. After some research, meetings and factory visits I decided on a factory in the picturesque hilltop town of Montegranaro for the production of my loafers and formal footwear.

100% leather inside and out, top specifications and all intricacies controlled, you can rest assured that our production is one of the highest grades on the Made In Italy market.


The beauty about the Italian artisanal culture is the generational family values, the family run businesses and the boutique offerings that come with it. Every so often you find a gem hidden in the hills and this was the case when I found the factory I chose to manufacture the Don Alfo sneaker range.

A third generation, shoe making family with two of the generations still working hands on. Their passion was captivating and their end result was some of the finest craftsmanship in offer worldwide. They specialize in sneakers and perfect their offering. A Boutique factory boasting a cliental of some of the most luxurious brands in the world, Don Alfo fitted in with ease.

This factory is found in the Veneto region of Italy. In an industrial area, predominately known for their textile work, just outside a countryside village.