Don Alfo X Mr. John Wright Collaboration

Don Alfo is proud to announce our collaboration with the talented New York artist Mr. John Wright.

Don Alfo launched officially in New York in September 2021. It was soon after that we were included to Mr. John Wright via our local agents and the exciting collaboration born.

The New York bred artist John-Herbet Wright use vibrant colours and lack thereof to display intersecting parts; rhythmic line work balanced by straight edges are a common theme in his work.
John's intrusive black lines are set as a balancing force in the crossroads of these worlds - this is where he feels chaos and order intersect.

The Don Alfo X Mr. John Wright collaboration combines an urban New York edge with Italian artisanal luxury.


After a successful launch event in the Upper West of New York  the collaboration collection Don Alfo X Mr. John Wright is now live and for sale.

We have chosen to use the Croco Sneaker range as the canvas for Mr John Wright's art. This brings together a subtly detailed background as the canvas. The shoe style allows for a sophisticated classic backdrop for John's chaotic New York finishing. The result, a masterpiece that slams to cultures together and brings to life a 21st Century realistic piece to proudly wear.

To view more about Mr John Wright please visit here.

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