Don Alfo Unisex Comfort Collection 2022

What says luxury more than comfort?

Don Alfo has always aimed to stay true to our values of comfort and timeless luxury. With these fundamentals and wanting to introduce a collection with a laid back twist, the unisex comfort wear and sneaker collection was created.

Old and new were joined in deciding what to include in this collection. From our old collection, we have our best selling Croco sneakers and on the side of the new we have introduced black and white Liscio sneaker options as well as the addition of a more sporty style - the Stradale.

Comfort wear is becoming more and more popular, and rightly so. In the 2022 Unisex Don Alfo collection we have introduced 3 jumper and jogger options. We have Grey and two Black options, ensuring there is an elegant choice for your taste this season, and next. 

Please peruse the below and get a taste of what is available.